Cityscape Details


Cityscape Details

This website is an extension of my fine-art photography image series. From individual buildings on city streets to cityscapes as seen from above, Cityscape Details represents a collection of architectural photography and personal exploration.

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The photography on this website, as mentioned above, is an extension of the fine-art photography found on Visual Noises.

If Visual Noises is geared more towards transient portraits and landscape than Cityscape Details is the counterpart focused instead on foundational-based manmade construction and overall “place”. Much of this comes from the reminder that all things eventually fall apart into deconstruction, as seen in my Abandoned series. From far enough or close enough, all manmade objects to appear to be Abstractions. The work seen in The City is all about being inside of a metropolis environment. The work seen in Neighborhoods has a sense of calmness and mystery not apparent in busy city streets. Finally, my collection of Overviews is location specific and plays more with the variety of one place over many.


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