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This website is an extension of my fine-art photography image series. From individual buildings on city streets to cityscapes as seen from above, Cityscape Details represents a collection of architectural photography and personal exploration. The Image Series on this website is displayed at random.

Photo Series Index

ABANDONED photography collections focus on what’s lost and falling apart. In this series, I focus on abandoned environments and manmade structures.

ABSTRACTIONS take manmade objects apart by focusing on the patterns involved. This is usually done through macro or drone photography.

ARCHITECTURE covers a variety of different manmade creations like bridges, pools, and hotels.

THE CITY images contain details of cities, inside and up-close of the city. Typical shots in this series are alleyways, city streets, and skyscrapers from below.

NEIGHBORHOODS contain images taken in suburban areas. These images juxtapose the busy life seen in city centers.

OVERVIEWS focus on the big picture of city spaces. Images contained in this collection range from cityscapes to wide-angle shots inside cathedrals.

Let's get a conversation started I enjoy a challenge and thinking of creative ways to solve problems. Contact me if you’re interested in working on a project together. If you’re interested in ordering limited edition mounted prints you can learn more about them on my Print Information page.


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